Sinterklaas book tag (Original)

‘Who is Sinterklaas?’ you may ask. Well, he is the Belgian / Dutch version of Santa. He comes to our houses on the 6th of December and I decided to make a tag in honour of him. This holiday gets forgotten in the book community and I wanted to change that. So without further ado, let’s get started!


picknickenPicknicken are small biscuit kind of things that come in various shapes: round with sugar on top, in letter form,… When Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet, his friend and helper, come they throw these picknicken at the crowd and all the kids try to catch them.

600_980_1The book I would choose to throw is The hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. I did not enjoy this book and I DNF’ed it about a 100 pages in. I didn’t like the writing style and I found that there was a lack of tension. I do really like the movies. They are done so well and in my opinion this is one of those cases that the movie is better than the book.


sinterklaasNow onto Sinterklaas himself. He is a very old man and that’s what inspired this question.

The oldest book I own was a gift from my granddad. He got it as a kid, but he doesn’t really know how he got it, so the only thing I now is that it’s at least 80 years old. It is the story of Snow White, written and illustrated by Floortje Van der Meer. The text was originally written by hand and it is very clear this book is very old.

img_20161204_105638       img_20161204_105605



Speculaas or Speculoos is a very delicious type of biscuit. It comes in various shapes, but the most speculoos-headercommon is just rectangular or in the shape of Sinterklaas. These biscuits are gifted to children around the beginning of December and I really enjoy them.

The book I found was a treat was the Selection series by Kiera Cass. I read these books when I had some health issues and they really cheered me up. I know they’re corny, but I don’t even care.


Slecht-weer-vandaag, or Bad-weather-today if you translate it to English, is Sinterklaas’ horse. It is white and very skillful when it comes to walking on rooftops. ‘Why?’ you may ask. Well when Sinterklaas comes, he rides his horse on top of our houses and then Zwarte Piet, his friend goes down the chimney to deliver the gifts. As a treat for Slecht-weer-vandaag people leave a carrot behind.

My favourite animal book characters are the owls from the Harry Potter series. I love how they deliver the letters and they are beautiful creatures. I’m not talking about Hedwig per se, more about owls in general, although I have to admit that I think snow owls are the most beautiful.


de-zak-van-sinterklaasDe zak van Sinterklaas translates to the bag of sinterklaas. When kids weren’t good and nice in theleo_valdez_by_nika108-d72exeo past year, Zwarte Piet puts them in the bag and takes the kids with him. They don’t get gifts. Sinterklaas knows which kids were sweet and which kids weren’t by looking in his very big book.

My favourite bad boy character is Leo Valdez from the Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan. I consider him to be a bad boy, because he gets himself in all kinds of trouble and he acts tough. He’s my favourite because he’s funny and actually kinda cute. (This beautiful fan art isn’t mine, I found it with Google Search.)stoomboot‘Zie ginds komt de stoomboot’ is a Sinterklaas song. The song begins with these words which translate to ‘Look, there comes the steamboat.’ Sinterklaas arrives in Belgium with his steamboat. This still happens every year in Antwerp and families from all over the country come to watch the arrival of Sinterklaas. You can hear the song here .

The Precious gemstone trilogy was a really relaxing read for me. I loved the story and I flew through the books. I was spoiled for the beginning of the third book, because I accidentally started reading the third book instead of the second, nonetheless I still really enjoyed this trilogy and I would recommend it.

baardSinterklaas has a very long beard and that’s what inspired this question.

My favourite bearded character is Hagrid. He is very kind and he has a very big heart. Also, I really like Bombur’s beard and I thought I’d mention it, because why not?




schoentjeLast, but not least it is a tradition to put your shoe so Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet know were to deliver your gifts. In the shoe you put a carrot and a sugar cube for Slecht-weer-vandaag and  you can also put a beer for Zwarte Piet and something for Sinterklaas.

I am asking you! After reading this post, what book character do you think would put out his / her shoe for Sinterklaas?

and that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you want to do this tag,


consider yourself tagged! I’ll be looking forward to reading your answers! Untill next time! Love,

*I don’t mean to offend anyone with my opinions, because that’s exactly what it is, an opinion, not a fact. Books and movies are subjective and there are always going to be people who will like or dislike them. But if I did offend you,






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